Cleaning SBH Radiators – some do’s and don’ts

Stainless Steel is a beautiful material and we take pride in our products. 'How do you keep them clean?', might you ask? The toolkit required? An e-cloth!

Our standard towel rail radiators are supplied in a polished finish and are extremely easy to keep looking amazing and very shiny. We recommend the use of e-cloth or a micro fibre cloth and just water. If you have some grease marks or fingerprints that are a little more stubborn to remove you may find a mild detergent or soap will do the trick. There is no need to purchase 'specialist' stainless steel cleaning products from the supermarket as they are literally not required.

Technically, stainless steel has an invisible barrier to daily muck, grime and nasties. This protects the steel in the 'stainless' part of the material name. However, this passive layer can be disrupted by chloride based solutions (glass cleaners, bleach) and may cause the steel to start to discolour. If you do choose to use a supermarket product labelled for use on stainless steel please check the instructions as most of them recommend rinsing the product off after use.

It may also be worthwhile to ensure that the cloths used for the radiators are actually only used on the radiators and not cross-contaminated with bathroom products used in other parts of the room.

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