Can stainless steel radiators be painted?

The short answer is yes.  The benefits are that becuase the radiator is made form stainless steel it will not rust or flake causing the paint to come off, therefore they will look good for many years.  The heat output increases with painted radiators by as much as 35%.  Also, there is a whole multitude of colours to choose from.
All radiators, valves and grab bars are available in our four powder-coat colours, Anthracite, Latte, Mocha and White. When ordering include A, L, M or W to the product code to indicate the colour. (NB: Please ensure you check additional pricing on these items.

We also now offer a colour matching service that allows for any RAL colour to be used.  This offers your customers the flexibility to colour coordinate to match existing products.
We offer a very quick turnaround for bespoke colours matching of 7 days from order to delivery.