Living Space Radiators: Why SBH is the best?

SBH don’t just make Towel Rails – surprise! 


SBH has been manufacturing radiators for over 15 years. We only make radiators out of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, why is this? Stainless Steel has many benefits compared to other materials used in heat transfer products. It retains heat better so the radiator will stay warmer for longer after the heating has been switched off. It also has a passive protective outer layer which will eliminate almost all rust, discolouration and flaking. This is one of the reasons we can guarantee our radiators for 25 years. We also offer custom made living space radiators – how awesome is this!

We have traditionally only offered Towel Rail designs, but we also make Living Space Radiators. Our Cheshire Collection range offers 4 living space designs which could be suitable for kitchen, hallway and living space areas. The Alderley, Anderton, Eddisbury and my own favourite The Deva are available in different sizes. In the next few months we will be launching a Boutique range of a further 10 living space designs. Keep any eye out on our NEWS feed.

What else can we offer?

What is a little different about SBH is that any of our designs can be adjusted to suit your own radiator space. Let’s think of a scenario – you want to revamp your hallway. If it is anything like mine, we have a small white radiator approximately 1m wide and 450cm high. The radiator pipes come out of the wall and I don’t want to have to mess about moving pipes to change the radiator. At SBH, this is not a problem. We can manufacture your choice of radiator to suit the size and position of your pipework. A lick of paint, perhaps a roll of wall paper and a really amazing SBH Radiator can be a makeover to suit your budget. How many of your neighbours will have a bespoke custom made radiator?

Want more information?

Check our our Cheshire Collection Range online, via our Download brochure, or ask at your local SBH re-seller outlet.

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