Quality Control, Manufacture and Customer Support

SBH Radiators are not bargain basement nor do we intend to be.  Sure enough, if you search the internet you will find our competitors offering similar radiators at considerably lower prices.  We manufacture our radiators, we know the costs involved and we know where to draw the line.  So what makes us different, why would you pay a little bit more for an SBH Radiator?

  • We have been making stainless steel radiators for over 15 years.  We only use the very best 304 Grade Stainless steel, backed up by certificates of conformity from the suppliers of our steel.  Others may say it's 304 however, we are happy to prove it.
  • We use 1.8mm thickness material on our collector tubes, (Vertical) others use 1.2mm and some less.  This is important for the longevity of the radiator.  Thinner steel will not retain the heat and will cool quicker, costing more to run. This can be demonstrated by the weight of the product without water.
  • All our radiators have capped tops both sides and polished to a mirror finish, there are no plastic chrome caps used or 1/2 pipe blanking caps with or without bleed valves.
  • Our bleed valves are demoted to the back of the radiator out of sight, and as from April will self-bleed as standard. (Central heating and dual fuel only).
  • The finish on our radiators is second to none, no cheating by only polishing the front and lightly polishing the back.  Our radiators look the same front and back.
  • We weld our tubes by hand giving a high degree of skill making our welds incredibly tidy, check out the competition and then ours.
  • 25-year manufacturers guarantee, we mean this. We will happily replace any radiator found faulty, our failure rate is less than 1%
  • All our radiators are 100% inspected and pressure tested to 16 bar in a submerged bath, well above normal operating tolerances.
  • Our mounts are 100% metal with no plastic inserts and we offer a fish mouthed design to fit the contours of the vertical tubes, no unsightly gaps when on a 1/2 tile wall.  We use 1/2 tiles mounts made for the job.
  • BTU's, all our radiators are manufactured in compliance with EN422. However, we have had our radiators tested by the UK's recognised independent test centre BSRIA Ltd (CE), not only for heat output but also for pressure resistance. In a nutshell, our BTU's quoted are 100% accurate proven in test conditions. Other manufacturers who claim to get more BTU's from similarly sized radiators, the same number of bars are simply exaggerating.  You can ask to see their certificate of performance before purchase.  We see competitors almost doubling what we quote for the same radiators, this is physically impossible.
  • As a trade customer, you will be offered unprecedented support which extends out to your customers. We are available for technical and general advice.  Should any problem occur we are happy to take control and deal with the issue of keeping you our customer in the loop at all times.  We aim to keep your customers happy.
  • As an end user, SBH offers you our 25-year guarantee, coupled with friendly and courteous support straight from the manufacturer, who else offers this level of customer service?

We hope this has been of some help in trying to give you a reason as to why we are who we are and where we feel we fit in the market. SBH are a stainless steel specialist and do not compromise quality for the price reduction.  We lead in our field.